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                  1. CN EN

                    Our Vision

                    Powering Silicon Photonics, Enriching communication

                    The popularity of Internet makes transmission and acquisition of information more convenient, people might access internet by using any equipment at any time, any place, experiencing the convenience of high quality and high-speed network. The new generation of infrastructures, 5G, datacenters and transmission networks, demands more on networks. The Internet will become wider and faster so that more and more people can enjoy the benefit. SiLUXTEK focuses on helping customers to achieve high speed, high quality and cost-effective network with innovative Silicon Photonics Technology.


                    SiLUXTEK brings advanced hybrid integrated Silicon Photonics using standard CMOS foundry, providing high-volume manufacturing and cost-effective solutions.




                    SiLUXTEK provides advanced hybrid integrated Silicon Photonics chips and high speed chips for datacenters, data communication, transmission and wireless networks.